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Indigenous Bird Hunting Arrows.

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Really excited about these arrows. I’m not sure what indigenous tribe they were made and used by. My research uncovered it's true origin.
Yes, these were handmade and used in their daily life. Many tips are still wrapped in metal to make an extremely sharp point. Please understand that condition is used and has many imperfections. How wonderful to own a part of another culture rarely seen let alone to be owned.

I thought they would
be wonderful in a large pot as decor, hang horizontally to hang necklaces on, to any art project that needs an authentic vibe.

Due to the handmade nature of these traditional textiles, each one may contain imperfections, giving you a truly unique piece. They add to the overall character and history of the piece. As shop owners, we do our best to provide an accurate description of all our items and any issues we notice. Since we only sell vintage and antiques, there is often wear and signs of aging on items.

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