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Mid Century Hand Carved Wood Figural Bookends from the Igorot people

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A pair of Hand Carved Wood Figural Bookends from the Igorot people of the highlands of Northern Luzon in the Philippines
Wood may likely be mahogany

Height: 12 inches
Width: 4.75 inches
Depth: 4.75 inches

Below is a fascinating early view of tribe life.

"The Igorots are tied together by a similar set of cultural practices and beliefs. They highly value nature and they believe that their gods reside in objects such as "trees and in the mountains" (Jernegan,42). Another distinguishing feature of the Igorot tribe from Northern Luzon are their vibrant pieces of clothing. Their headpieces are composed of feathers and they often take with them ornate pieces of wooden weaponry."

"Headhunting for the Igorot was for religious purposes and the acquisition of magical powers. Also to ensure abundant harvests, increase prosperity, and to ensure the fertility of the tribe."

Due to the handmade nature of these vintage items, each one may contain imperfections, giving you a truly unique piece. They add to the overall character and history of the piece.

As shop owners, we do our best to provide an accurate description of all our items and any issues we notice. Since we only sell vintage and antiques, there is often wear and signs of aging on items.

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