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Mid Century Scandinavian Audhild Vikens Vevstove Wool Embroidered Weaving in Teal Blue, Gold Brown, and Deep Pinks.

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Jijim Detail Wool Rug/ Wall Hanging.
Gorgeous on your table, dining table, wall or floor.
Handwoven flatweave
Embroidery Wool Yarn
Loomed Wool Weave
Cotton Fringed

Cleaned and ready to use! Please look at all photos.

Due to the handmade nature of these traditional textiles, each one may contain imperfections, giving you a truly unique piece. They add to the overall character and history of the piece. As shop owners, we do our best to provide an accurate description of all our items and any issues we notice. Since we only sell vintage and antiques, there is often wear and signs of aging on items.

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