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Navajo Weaving The Corn Lizard Yei with certificate of authenticity

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Navajo Weaving The Corn Lizard Yei by Esther Coleman

22" inches wide and 14" inches high
Some ombre on the color blue of corn on one side. Please look at video.

Written on attached card:

"The Corn Lizard Yei design is borrowed from a curing ceremony, the sand painting design depicts the lizard in a corn field, wondering about the day, eating and hiding from enemies in the corn field.

The corn is a scared plant of the Navajo's, it's referred to as the "Tree of Life", the corn pollen is gathered to make offering in prayers, the corn is the main staple of food."

"Esther started weaving at age six years old, she learned the art of weaving from her mother and grandmother. Esther still helps raising sheep that she acquired from her parents that she passed on to her son and daughter.

Esther is fond of weaving the different Trading Post style regional designs, incorporating at time her own color palette, she also hand-spun som of her own sheep's wool and utilizes it in her weavings. Some of her favorite designs to weave are Two Grey Hills, Eye Dazzlers, and Yei Designs."

Esther is from a small community in Beclahbeto, New Mexico
Deceased some years back.

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