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Navajo Weaving Wide Ruins Design

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Navajo Weaving Wide Ruins Design
Interesting Novice Navajo Weaving that done in a cotton Cotton Blend
16.25" inches by 33" inches

"Starting in the 1940s, Sally and William Lippincott, owners of the trading post at Wide Ruins, Arizona worked with the weavers in their area to develop highly detailed banded patterns rendered in vegetal dyes. Most Wide Ruins rugs are characterized by very fine, tightly-spun yarns and a flat, even weave."

"The Wide Ruins style is the most elaborate and usually the most finely woven of the banded rug styles. It evolved from the Chinle.

These rugs will have broad strips of plain color, some with geometric designs and with very narrow bands with delicate motifs, combined with thin, straight lines of contrasting colors. The shapes found within the broader bands are often outlined with a different color."

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